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The SunshinyDay Story

Nikola Ellis, founder of SunshinyDay

SunshinyDay sells healthy and sustainable gift experiences.


    30 November 2010

    Seaforth Mum showcases Manly as she stars in UK TV reality show

    Nikola Ellis, Seaforth mum and business owner, is showcasing the Manly lifestyle to gloomy Brits hankering after some Aussie sun.

    Nikola is set to star in UK Channel 4 TV show Relocation: Phil Downunder, which airs on the Lifestyle channel in Australia. The show stars UK celebrity Phil Spencer who finds dream homes for British families migrating to Australia.

    “They wanted to film a successful migrant from the UK,” explains Nikola. “All I had was my backpack when I first arrived on the Northern Beaches, but now I own two successful businesses and have two beautiful children, as well as a supportive Aussie/Kiwi husband.”

    A TV crew have been filming Nikola and her family this week at Manly Dam and in their Seaforth home. A second round of filming takes place on Wed 8th December when Nikola will teach the show’s host to do yoga on the beach. “My business, Sunshinyday, sells green and healthy gift experiences. The TV production company want to capture the healthy outdoor lifestyle that I live and promote through my business and Manly’s the ideal place to portray that,” Nikola added.

    For more information please contact Nikola Ellis:
    0425 210991

    For background on Nikola and her businesses: <> <> This link is an item on Nikola in SMH Money Blog.

    Sydney, 8th September 2010


    Sydney woman Nikola Ellis, today announced the launch of SunshinyDay, an online business that fills the gap in the Australian market for healthy and sustainable gift experiences.

    “Green gifts are becoming a mainstream choice for women increasingly concerned about the world their children are growing up in”, explained Nikola, SunshinyDay’s founder and mother of two.  “But even with the best intentions, not everybody has the time to work out the ethical and carbon footprint of the things they buy, so SunshinyDay makes it fast, easy and enjoyable to do the right thing.”

    Nikola has brought together Australian suppliers with green credentials to create a boutique collection of healthy and sustainable gift experiences that customers can instantly download as gift vouchers, including: luxury eco-retreats, organic spa treatments, kids cooking classes, private yoga lessons and more. Many of these experiences are exclusive to

    Gift vouchers for eco-experiences avoid the environmental impact of manufacturing, packaging and shipping gifts and SunshinyDay offsets carbon emissions resulting from their day-to-day operations. Nikola has also created a Giving Back program that donates a percentage of profits to charities. “Like every mother with small children, I believe it’s important to contribute to a more sustainable future”, added Nikola. “At SunshinyDay, we’re greening gifting, ”

    For more information, images or to schedule an interview, please contact:

    Nikola Ellis 0425 210991

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    2 Responses to Press Page

    1. Paul says:

      Hi (again)!
      Interesting that you are doing Relocation: Phil Downunder. Me and my previous partner were filmed for 4 months by channel 4 back in 2002 when we first emigrated to australia and set up a slightly racy lifestyle business Ooshka and it went to air as a one hour episode for a program called ‘A New Life Downunder’. We will have to compare experiences (and programs some time!) Paul

      • nikolaellis says:

        Ha, ha! That was YOU was it? Yes, once I get a copy of the Phil Downunder episode we should compare shows. Unless, of course, I come across as daft and smug as I suspect….

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