This blog is written by Nikola Ellis, the founder of  SunshinyDay, with able assistance from friends and talented team members.

Sunshinyday sells green and healthy gifts online. Here’s how it all came about.

“I want to give joy, not plastic!”

That’s what I said to my best friend in December 2009 after a Christmas shopping trip to the local mall. There was so much choice, but I wasn’t sure any of it would truly delight my loved ones. “Why”, I asked my friend over coffee, “do we spend so much money and resources on stuff that people don’t even want?” That simple question was the launch pad for SunshinyDay.

I started asking people about their favourite gifts and wasn’t surprised to learn that most of them weren’t available in the mall! One friend described how good she feels wearing the simple pendant her sister made in a jewellery making class. Another told me about an afternoon of bliss at a day spa, courtesy of her husband. Several mothers told me that their children were their most precious gift.

On closer inspection, I noticed that most ‘favourite gifts’ share one thing in common. They are meaningful to the recipient, speaking directly to their personal experiences and values. I also noticed that most of them had a small environmental footprint (compare the emissions from manufacturing, packaging and transporting a commercial gift with a hand-crafted pendant or a relaxing massage!)

I had already resolved to make that Christmas less of a commercial frenzy when my partner came home with the shocking news that he’d been retrenched. It didn’t seem like good news at the time, but it was the catalyst for a whole lot of positive changes. Out of necessity, we kept that christmas simple. My children and I had fun making chutney and biscuits which we gift-wrapped in bright, recycled fabric. As a yoga teacher and massage therapist, I gifted my skills and several friends enjoyed blissfully relaxing treatments. And do you know what? Everybody LOVED their gifts.

When I next met my best friend for coffee I asked her “What if I could put together a selection of inspiring and meaningful gifts that have little or no environmental impact?” My friend smiled and said “I’d buy them!”

Since then, I’ve been working with a select community of small, local businesses who share SunshinyDay’s passion for giving meaningful gifts and experiences, along with a strong commitment to ethical, sustainable business models. Our vision is the ‘greening’ of gifting and we’re on a mission to find the happiest, healthiest and greenest gifts to help you celebrate your friends, family and the special occasions in your life.

Nikola Ellis
SunshinyDay Founder

What is SunshinyDay?

SunshinyDay sells unforgettable gift experiences that help you celebrate sustainably. From natural spa treatments to gourmet organics, our gifts nurture body, mind & planet.


We’re committed to greening gifting. Our goal is to bring sustainable, ethical and healthy gift choices to the mainstream.


By selling unique and memorable gift experiences from green and ethical suppliers. We lead by example, working towards a zero carbon business model and donating a percentage of profits to charity.

What makes us special?

  • We only supply sustainable, healthy and ethical products
  • A boutique collection of exclusive products, many not available anywhere else
  • Giving back  – a percentage of all profits go to charities and not for profit organisations.

Our Values

  • Celebration – celebrating milestones, special occasions, friends, family and our amazing world
  • Sustainability – supporting healthy, green and ethical ways to do business now and for future generations.
  • Inspiring – celebrating life’s landmarks in fresh and exciting ways that inspire transformation, celebration and connection.
  • Innovative –finding new ways to delight customers, support our suppliers and move towards a healthier, sustainable future
  • Fun – fostering a sense of fun and lightness
  • Giving back – continually reducing the resources we use and making a meaningful contribution to a fairer, more sustainable and ethical world.

    2 Responses to About

    1. Tina church says:

      Hi Nikola,

      Congratulations on your wonderful website/business. What a wonderful concept. I am glad I ran into you on the bus today and found out about SunshinyDays. Perfect timing for my last Christmas Shopping.

      Good luck with it all.

      Tina (mother of Maya and Henry)

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